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Yulanda Arnold-Kasper

Yulanda Arnold-Kasper

Yulanda Arnold-Kasper is the amazing artist behind the Designed by KYA line of clothing. The love of drawing as a child led Yulanda to continue drawing as an adult. She says, "I always loved Crayons, pencils, markers, and paper - all the tools of art." Yulanda's career in art started as a hobby, but soon turned in to a labor of love. After several events selling fashion tees with her screen printed drawings, Yulanda realized the joy and happiness her work brought to others; she decided to continue drawing as often as possible and she has been delighting others with her charming, imaginative abstract designs for the past 6+ years. Yulanda is best known for her drawings of women's 1/2 faces; her drawings hold meaning and tell stories. Yulanda's drawings are inspired by life and by the people she comes across every day.

Yulanda maintains her studio in Texas. When she's not drawing she spends much of her time reading, working on her online clothing business, and spending time with her husband of 15 years. Yulanda's mission is to share the love of art with the hope that her work will help encourage others to follow their dreams.